As Fortnite continues to rule the multi-player game world. They bring out new skins almost every day. However, if you like them, get them quick as they may be there for only a short time.

Battle Pass owners, the Wolverine Outfit and Classic Style are available now! Complete Wolverine’s new Challenge to unlock him.

New to Battle pass? Buying the Battle pass gives you access to all sorts of goodies the more your character levels up. However, you still have to earn them. You are paying for the opportunity to earn them. We get so many emails relating to buying the pass but not getting everything, it is confusing if new to these type of games but the general rule is –  buy a pass and then play hard and unlock items which become yours to keep. If you don’t buy the pass, you will not have access to them. If you decide to buy a Battle pass even at the end of the season – you can still buy the pass then and everything you would have earned will be released to you.


Sometimes you will see a skin that has an immediate price tag, many carrying some free VBucks as well. These are yours to use once bought, whether or not you have the Battle pass.