We are in the same boat! We were so looking forward to the Thanos Cup and thought that getting 2FA should not be a problem, however after a couple of hours, changing passwords, trying to find out which Epic accounts were attached to which Xbox or Playstation, we realised that this was quite a big problem.

We checked the account number coming up on the Fortnite game (Settings – last tab) only to find that it did not match the Epic account names. But this is all we have, so what now? Soooooo disapointing.

We will contact Epic for a comment and better explanation of how their IDs work as I thought they were supposed to be the same as the one coming up in the game. Hours spent on the internet does not do much good.

If the IDs dont match what does this mean?

Why doesn’t Epic send any text codes? We had to do it with email as text codes were just not forthcoming.

Bear in mind that if you do have 2FA (Neither of the accounts we do have it on are being used this season- don’t remember it being hard at all last time.) you will also have to be level 30 to play in the tournament, that means buying up to a 30 level battle pass if you don’t have one at present.

Poor Red Moon Puppy she was all geared up for it.

Good luck to all those who get to play – we will try and get some 2FA answers for you asap.