Recently, eGame, an emerging e-sports platform originating from Japan, and JASMY have reached a preliminary cooperation intention. eGame will apply JASMY’s original blockchain technology to the field of e-sports for the first time. The partnership will focus on how to use JASMY’s unique blockchain-based distributed management technology to securely manage user data. This will enable e-sports platform users to securely store and safeguard all kinds of data on their smart phones as well as on the blockchain, and to authorize and track how their personal data is being used.

eGame is an emerging company that operates e-sports platforms and video games to enhance the interaction between e-sports players and fans, as well as to advance innovation in the e-sports industry. As the first of the e-sports companies, they issued a native token, EGI, which was successfully listed on the Coineal exchange on June 30, 2021.

Through this cooperation, JASMY will enrich the business application scenarios of its original blockchain technology in the gaming field.

Through their cooperation, the two parties hope to bring a new experience to the gaming industry and gamers, while looking to effectively address the pain points of data privacy.

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