Well done Epic. What a fantastic and generous result.

Much has been said of how much money Epic makes from Fortnite but people seem unaware how much it costs to run. The servers, the upkeep, the marketing, everything costs a lot of money and as one of the best games ever created, it has to keep bringing the money in to continue to bring ingenuity to the game.

The press office could be easier to deal with. It is not easy to get press releases delivered to your inbox or regular photos to update with. One even gets the impression that they don’t really like the press and are just happy to run their own marketing wheel without even bothering with magazines that want to bring players more of the game.

Not everyone wants to watch videos – Some people want the information quickly without having to listen to someone for 10 minutes. Not everything is about video. having said that, we will add some video to the site soon but only on the humorous side.

All that aside, look at the good they can do if they want to. Epic has shown itself to be a company that really cares about the world.

Despite being hard to get info out of or to put ideas into, we salute you Epic. carry on the good work.