Much different game play in many respects, building is gone! Temporarily. Most people I played with yesterday seemed to like this aspect but some do not.

Personally I prefer it. We won the first game we played in trios early in the day and I was clocking up 9 kills in solos, which is not bad for me.

I heard some reference to it being like any other war game without building, but it clearly is not. The look and feel are so different and where else can you get such a fun element and non graphic death.

Currently tanks are in the game, they are a game changer. Best way to defeat them is to attack the gunner and take over the position. You can also put dynamite on them or just keep shooting.

The sky ships are awesome. You move up and down now by winches.

People are harder to kill because they have 250 life instead of 200. An extra 50 is given by a self-replenishing shield which starts when you leap out the bus.

You can now sprint and do parkour, jumping and hanging on to ledges.

It should be noted that you can still build in the competitive arena.

We will be having a look at the weapons later today. So far the burst assault is my favourite but also the Combat SMG is very powerful.