Get your guernseys out, everyone, because your chance to join your favorite AFL team has arrived! Starting at 9:00 AM AEDT on January 27, you will be able to sign up to compete with community creators and players representing 18 AFL teams to take your shot at winning some V-Bucks and a footy-themed Spray in the AFL Community Battles!
All 18 teams are gearing up to see who comes out on top, so get warmed up to put in the hard work. Every member of the winning team will get 800 V-Bucks each, those of the 2nd-place team will get 400 V-Bucks each, and those of the 3rd-place team will get 200 V-Bucks each. Check out the rules on the AFL Community Battles website if you fancy it.Be one of the first 5,000 people to sign up with a team to have your points count towards the overall team total. Miss the cut? No dramas, mate: you’ll still be able to compete as a Fan on your own leaderboard for bragging rights and earn the footy-themed Spray. You may make your way onto the team if someone drops out too, so be ready!

Make sure to stay flat out for the event — you wouldn’t want to be the iffy teammate now, would you? We’ll see you on the Island!