The Hexsylvania Venture Season has made its return in the Save the World v26.00 hotfix. This Venture Season brings back the Dungeons, the Clip’s Nightmare, and Wolfy Business questlines, among other exciting features!

Hexsylvania’s enigmatic energy has endowed Husks with a modifier that reduces the damage they take from weapons, abilities, and traps.
But amidst the Hexsylvanian tricks, there are treats as well. Hexsylvanian Husks have a chance to drop healing potions when taken out up close. Use these to keep yourself going in the heat of battle!
Explore the reopened Dungeons beneath Homebase to find keys, Gold Coins, and defeat monsters. Heroes like Swamp Knight, Mermonster Ken, and Chaos Agent can be unlocked by completing these Dungeons.
Complete Clip’s Nightmare questline from September 6 to October 3 to unlock the Hero, Clip.
Dire can be added to your Hero collection by completing the Wolfy Business questline from September 20 to October 17.