Grab your flying saucer and go fight anyone you like, or pick them up and drop them away from their team.

You get a saucer by going to one of the purply coloured blinking areas on the map. Shoot down an NPC saucer and then take it over.

You can ALL ride on the saucer but be careful as if you get shot down by another team, you can take a lot of damage or even be killed.

The tractor beam is handy for carrying your team if you want to drop them without them joining you on the saucer. A handy way to play is for at least one team member to stay on the ground and pick off other team members as their focus is on the saucer overhead.

Whichever play method you are on – look on the lower left side of you screen as it will tell you which buttons do what.

The saucer has a powerful attack and can be used to destroy buildings before quickly looting everything left behind and then flying off to a new area.